CMS Survey Solutions Series 2017; Session #1: Governance, Organization, Patient Rights, QAPI

Are you expecting a Federal Survey soon from CMS? If you are Deemed Status you of course must follow the same Federal requirements set forth in the Medicare Conditions of Coverage (CfC). There are 4 types of surveys (initial, recertification, complaint and validation) and all follow the same rules. Whether you are new to this position, or you have been through survey in the past, it is often hard to keep up with the changes,  and know where to start. This webinar is current up to 2017.

We have created a comprehensive 3 part training series to assist you by outlining the rules and providing you the necessary tools so you won't need to recreate the wheel. You may attend individual sessions that are of interest to you or all three as a complete discounted package on the date of your choice. Can't attend live? Recorded sessions will be available after the initial date. Email address will be provided for personal Q&A after viewing each session.

You will find these sessions an easy way to prepare in advance for a Medicare survey, invite your staff to participate as a team! This is your best defense to avoid a lengthy Plan of Correction. Each session will run for 1.5 hours and allow plenty of time for questions and answers.

This is Session #1.

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CMS Survey Solutions Series 2017


Presented by: Cathy Montgomery, RN, CASC

Version:  2017

We are beginning our CMS Survey Solution Series which will be broken down into three (3) one and a half hour sessions.  The CMS Survey Solutions Series will be offered on a variety of dates on a monthly basis until further notice.  So if you cannot attend one date, perhaps you can pick up the session in the following months, but don't delay too long.

The three sessions consist of:

  • Session One: Governance, organization, Patients Rights, QA/PI
  • Session Two:  Surgical services, infection prevention, medical records
  • Session Three: Life Safety Codes and Environment

Session 1 Content:

Survey Process

Interpretive Guidelines: What they are, how to find them and how to learn of the updates. CMS is not required to notify you every time they make a change and the Federal Register is not a user friendly piece of reading material. This session will explain where to go to get the updates and make recommendations on the frequency for you to check going forward. All current regulations will be provided to you at this session.

Governing Body & Management: What's required of the Governing Body and examples of how to comply. Examples of Board MIn, including a template for your facility use will be supplied.

Contract Services: Who must you contract with and how do you know they are working for YOU?

Medical & Nursing Staff Requirements: We will be discussing peer review, how to credential & re-credential, employee orientation, and annual evaluations. But it really all starts with job descriptions, we have examples for you.

Patients' Rights: What's required, how to cover all the points (examples given in word documents that you can easily customize), and how to exactly script your Advanced Directive information to be in compliance.

Patient Admission/Assessment/Discharge: Let's trace a patient from start to finish so that you don't miss all the touch points required by nursing and medical staff.

QA/PI: Do you follow the approved QA / PI process?  We'll give you several examples as part of your handouts, as well as the forms to put it together.

Handouts provided as part of this session include:

  • Federal Guidelines
  • Non-discrimination Tools
  • Credentialing Tools
  • HIPAA Risk Assessment Forms
  • Peer Review Forms
  • QA/PI Forms 


*This webinar is worth one and a half Contact Hours of continuing education.  Each participant will receive a Certificate of Participation for attending this webinar.

Price:  $199.00 / individual 1-1/2 hour session;   if you order all three sessions, your price will be discounted to $150.00 / session or $450.00 for the 3 sessions.

CMS training without having to take the time and expense to travel to another city meeting venue.

This price includes one internet connection and one Toll Free telephone connection + presentation note-taking handout + other handouts and tools.  You are welcome to have your office members sit in on this webinar as long as they can view and listen through this one connection.   Upon ordering this webinar, you will receive an email with your personal login information.  This login is personally yours and should not be given out to others as you might bump yourself off the webinar.


CLICK HERE to read about Session 2.

CLICK HERE to read about Session 3.



*About CE Contact Hours:

Excellentia Advisory Group LLC is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider CEP 15481

Issue Date: 4/6/2010; for 1.5 contact hours.

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