Are You Ready for ICD-10 Implementation? How Not To Lose Money During Your Transition

This one hour pre-recorded webinar presentation will help you prepare for the October 1, 2015 implementation of ICD-10 at your ambulatory surgery center or physician practice. This presentation is designed to educate you on ICD-10 and give practical strategies and tactics to begin immediately implementing in order to reduce risks of loosing money during the transition.

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October 1, 2015  will be here before you know it.  It is less than 60 days away!  Are you ready for ICD-10 implementation?  If you knew that you could reduce lost dollars during your transition, wouldn't you take action now? 

  • It is inevitable that cash-in will drop for many practices.
  • You need to mitigate short term as well as long term damage from the conversion to ICD-10.
  • The implementation date will most likely not be delayed again.
  • If you are not totally prepared, then sign up for this webinar to get your strategy and tactics in place.


                         Moderator - Cathy Montgomery, RN - President - Excellentia Advisory Group

                         Barbara Pulliam, MBA, CASC - Revenue Cycle Management Consultant - Excellentia Advisory Group

 Objectives of this presentation:

  • Participants wil be able to explain why ICD-10 is necessary.
  • Participants will be able to utilize and discuss a facility or practice readiness checklist.
  • How to get your physicians ready.
  • Discussion about a dual-coding system.
  • All of the larger clearing houses are ready but still make sure your practice management system and clearing house are working together.
  • Participants will know what is meant by families of codes and how will that affect the facilities.
  • Participates will know how to develop a strategy and work plan to reduce denials.


Additional Handouts pertinent to this presentation:

1.  AHIMA Documentation Tips2

2. AMA CMS Press Release 07052015

3. CMS Corrects Recent ICD10 Guidance for Physicians

4. GEMs Crosswalks Basic F-A-Q

5. ICD10 Check List

6.  ICD10 State Workers Compensation Readiness List

7. MOHS Current

8. MOHS Future


This is a pre-recorded webinar.

Cost:   $139.00; unlimited viewing for 90-days exclusive to your surgery center.

You may offer this training to all your staff at your single site location but your username & password cannot be shared or passed on to others at different locations.

Once you and any/all staff that have reviewed this webinar, you will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Participation worth one Contact Hour 1 of continuing education. You simply contact Susan at requesting your certificates. You will need to provide a typed list of all participants first and last name, position title, and license numbers (if professionals).

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