Team Building - A Manager's Self-Assessment

Do you ever hear yourself saying or hear your managers saying one of the following:

“I would love working here if it weren’t for the people that I work with!”

“I am so sick and tired of babysitting these people!”

“Things would run a lot smoother around here if I just knew what the plan was!”

“There is so much petty nonsense here that I can’t get anything done except manage it!”

“I have to come to work 2 hours earlier or stay 2 hours after work in order to get things done because it is so crazy during 8-5!”

Well if you do, perhaps you are going to learn some concepts and techniques today that is going to make a change in you life. It is called Team Building.

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Team Building - A Manager's Self-Assessment is a presentation designed to shed light upon team building principles but at the same time to get the listener to evaluate themselves.   Many people ask about team building programs for their employees when in reality, not one of them  will work unless the management believes in team building and possess the correct attitude and have the correct skills in what I call in this presentation...the 15 ingredients.

This presentation is not for the team members. It is for the senior level manager all the way down through their management team.  Managers must first be committed to team building before the work group will become the team.  Although Excellentia Advisory Group's core consulting business is targeted towards surgery centers and medical practices, the content of this presentation can be applied to any industry.


Speaker: Roger Manning is the co-founder of Excellentia Advisory Group and Managing Partner. Roger's 30+ year career spans medical sales, sales management, operations management, multi-site facility management and new business start-ups. Roger has a strong foundation built in people management and human resources. Roger has been working within the surgery center industry since 1998 recruiting top talent for many of this nation’s top surgery center employers as well as small private physician owned organizations.

Roger's knowledge of the ASC industry is comprehensive and he has been offering ASC advisory through Excellentia Advisory Group since 2009 as well as Human Resource guidance through Manning Search Group since 2001. Roger has accepted interim Chief Operations Officer roles with physician practices as part of services offered at Excellentia Advisory Group.


This Team Building presentation’s objective:

  • Learn what the difference are between a work group of employees and a team
  • Learn what you benefit from by developing a team
  • Learn the 15 ingredients that are necessary to create a successful team
  • Learn about yourself in terms of attitude towards teambuilding and whether you need to work on the 15 ingredients

 Who should attend:

  • ASC leadership and physician owners
  • Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders
  • HR Manager

Duration: 78 minutes

Mode:  View Upon Demand video presentation

Price: $139.00 plus shipping and handling.  Includes the presentation, handouts and any Q&A follow-up with Roger that you might have after viewing the presentation. Follow-up questions are allowed to Roger through email or phone. 

*1.0 Contact Hour of continuing education and a Certificate of Participation for each staff member that participates.  

Handouts Will Include:

  • Notetaking version of the presentation
  • Rate Your Coach Skills assessment tool
  • Self-Assessment of Attitude
  • Self-Assessment of 15 Ingredients for Team Building


  1. BASC 2021

“This program is approved for up to 1.5 hours of AEUs by BASC Provider #0707. AEU Content Area is Human Resources."

  1. Contact Hour:This presentation will be worth 1.5 Contact Hour of continuing education. Upon request, you will receive a Certificate of Participation showing your Contact Hour.   Excellentia Advisory Group LLC is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider CEP 15481: Issue Date: 4/6/2010;

Once you and any/all staff have reviewed this presentation, you will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion worth 1.0 Credit Hour of continuing education. You simply contact us at requesting your certificates, using the Certificate Request Form found in the link below. You will need to provide a typed list of all participants first and last names, position title (RN ,BSN, etc.), license numbers (if professionals) and date of completion.


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