AAAHC SURVEY SOLUTIONS 2017 - Session #1-3

This is a 3 - DVD set that contains 5 hours of AAAHC 2017 training by Cathy Montgomery, RN, CASC.

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3-DVD Set: AAAHC SURVEY SOLUTIONS 2017 - Sessions #1 - 3

This is a 3 - DVD set that contains 5 hours of AAAHC 2017 training by Cathy Montgomery, RN, CASC. By completing this 3 DVD set, you and all staff members that participate from your facility qualify for 5 Contact Hours1 of continuing education.

Cathy Montgomery

Cathy Montgomery, RN, CASC is the President and Co-founder of Excellentia Advisory Group.  Cathy has 30+ years healthcare industry experience as a clinician, clinical manager and business entrepreneur.  Cathy gained her surgery center management experience while working for Novamed for approximately 5 years.  Cathy managed physician practices and locations in the St. Louis, MO and Illinois markets.   Cathy began her career in studying regulatory compliance as it pertains to ambulatory surgery centers and co-founded Excellentia Advisory Group in 2009.   Since that time, Cathy has obtained her CASC certification and has become a surveyor for A.A.A.A.S.F. and Medicare.  Excellentia Advisory Group and Cathy have become a go-to company when one needs training or hands-on assistance with anything relating to CMS, States DOH, OSHA, HIPAA, CLIA, USP797 and accreditation organization such as AAAASF, AAAHC and The Joint Commission.  Excellentia Advisory Group enjoys repeat business relationships with over 2000 surgery centers from all around the United States that have come to trust and rely upon Cathy. Cathy has a knack for taking the tedius, difficult or complex subjects and presenting them in a more simplified easy to understand format.  Cathy is uniquely qualified to present the up-to-date 2017 AAAHC guidelines in this three session series. Our AAAHC SURVEY SOLUTIONS series has been presented and updated each year since 2014.

AAAHC Survey Solutions DVD

The three sessions consist of:

  • The Core Chapters 1 -7
  • Adjunct Chapters 9 -25
  • Facilities & Environment plus Chapter 8


Topics of Discussion:

  • Your application deemed vs. non-deemed
  • Patient Rights and Responsibilities
  • Governance
  • Administration
  • Quality of Care Provided
  • Quality Management & Improvement
  • Clinical Records and Health Information
  • Infection Prevention, Control and Safety


Topics of Discussion:

  • 9 - Anesthesia Services
  • 10 - Surgical & Related Services
  • 11 - Pharmaceutical Services
  • 12 - Pathology & Medical Laboratory Services
  • 13 - Diagnostic & Other Imaging Services


Chapter 8 Topics of Discussion:

  • Construction and architectural requirements
  • Emergency Preparedness Plans and Coordination Requirements
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Emergency Drills
  • Exit signs
  • Fire extinguishers & pull stations
  • Fire rating for doors & walls
  • Gas cylinder storage requirements
  • Generator testing
  • Non-sprinkler system rules
  • Operational requirements for maintenance, testing and documentation
  • Waiting room requirements; you will get a copy of the CMS memo
  • How to do a Risk Assessment to be compliant with CMS 2786R
  • And much more


This DVD also contains a CD containing dozens of handout materials that are supportive of Cathy's presentations.

COST:   $450.00 for the 3 DVD / 1 CD set;   if your preference is not DVD format and would prefer a view-upon-demand (VUD) option, each session can be purchased separately for $199.00 each or all 3 VUD presentations for $450.00.  Discounts will be applied while checking out.  There is a $6.80 charge for postage and handling for delivery of the DVD set.


Once you and any/all staff have reviewed this presentation, you will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Participation worth 5.0 Credit Hours of continuing education. You simply contact us at requesting your certificates, using the Certificate Request Form found in the link below. You will need to provide a typed list of all participants first and last names, position title (RN ,BSN, etc.), license numbers (if professionals) and date of completion.

1 Excellentia Advisory Group LLC is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider CEP 15481: Issue Date: 4/6/2010;

CLICK HERE for Certificate Request Form

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