Chain of Infection / Epidemiology

Kathleen McMullen, MPH, CIC defines and discusses the chain of infection and epidemiology. Just the information that you would need to know in an ambulatory surgery center or perioperative environment.

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This DVD contains 1 of the 15 presentations given at our Infection Strategies for Surgical Settings seminars conducted over a 2-day period of time.

Chain of Infection / Epidemiology

By: Kathleen McMullen, MPH, CIC


The learning OBJECTIVES of Kathleen’s seminar presentation are:

  • Review the definition of chain of infection;
  • Review some basic epidemiology terms;
  • Review some basic epidemiology methods;

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You will receive 1.0 - Contact Hour of continuing education for viewing and participating in this entire single DVD presentation.

Excellentia Advisory Group will continually offer 1.0 - Contact Hour for any new employee that watches for up to one year beyond the purchase date.  Therefore this DVD investment can be used over and over and become part of your new hire training or annual in-service training program. *Excellentia Advisory Group will keep detailed records of all your employee(s) participation as outlined and required by the California Board of Registered Nursing. If you should ever lose your certificate and need a copy, please call us.


Once the DVD has been viewed and discussed, you should contact Excellentia Advisory Group via email with the name(s), title(s), and credentials of the person(s) that participated. Excellentia will U.S. mail your documents showing/documenting your participation and Contact Hours.

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* Excellentia Advisory Group LLC is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider CEP 15481: Issue Date: 4/6/2010;

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