Series #3 DVD Set: 2015 Infection Prevention Strategies for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

If you were not able to attend our conference for the in-person experience,  you don't have to miss out on this outstanding training opportunity. The 2015 Infection Prevention Strategies for Ambulatory Surgery Centers conference was captured on video and will be contained on this 14 DVD set including a 15th bonus DVD for a total of 15 Contact Hours of continuing education.  This DVD is now in edit and production so we would like to offer you a special pre-production price break for the next 6 weeks.  This is what some of our attendees said about this conference:

"Great teaching from knowledgeable sources.  I learned so much! I will definately be able to utilize much of what is learned."  Susan C.

"Cathy, I'm thrilled with your conference! Great presenters. Soooo up to minute info!! I needed this for ambulatory care since the big changes in 2009.  Hope to see you at a conference in 2016."  Emma A.

" Wonderful experience! Great information, the presenters were knowledgeable and entertaining.  I will definately recommend this conference to colleagues!" Sharon M.

"What a great learning experience. Thank you for the opportunity to get so much great information in one place.  Great location too." Karen S.


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The 2015 Infection Prevention Strategies for Ambulatory Surgery Centers conference has been captured on video and contained on this 14 DVD set including a 15th bonus DVD. This DVD set offers a total of 15 Contact Hours of continuing education for all those that view and request Certificates of Participation.

By purchasing this DVD set, your center can use the training DVD's over and over for all staff and surgeon providers that require ongoing infection prevention training. The price of this DVD set includes ongoing requests for Certificates of Participation as needed for training new staff.

Who Should Purchase this DVD Set:

  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Hospital Outpatient Surgery Centers
  • Physician Office-Based Surgery
  • AAAHC and/or other Accredited Facilities
  • Hospitals

What Do You Gain From this DVD Set...

Sessions will be taught by CICs and other Infection Control experts.

There will be a strong focus on Infection Control and compliance to CMS for Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Presentations are targeted to offer practical and useful information to run your ASC.

•You will get to see Question and Answer Sessions following each presentation.  You will be able to stay in touch with Cathy Montgomery via email to ask further questions.

•Each person that views our DVD program will receive a “Certificate of Participation” for 15 – Contact Hours of continuing education. This serves as your proof and documentation during CMS Infection Control surveys.

•The DVD set will also contain one (1)  CD that contains files of the PDF note-taking version of the presentations as well as other pertinent documents that was presented during this conference.

The DVD set includes these presentations:

1. IP Guidelines, Regulations and Risk Management in the ASC (1 hour)

2. Surgical Meds and the Role of a Pharmacy Consultant (1 1/2 hour)

3. Surveyor Discussion Panel: AAAHC, TJC, and AAAASF in Surgery Centers (1 1/2 hour)

4. Sterile Processing and Endoscopes (1 hour)

5. MRSA, What is It and How To Prevent It in the ASC (1 hour)

6. Developing an I.P. Partnering Relationship with Anesthesia (1 hour)

7. Life Safety as It Relates to Infection Prevention in the ASC (1 hour)

8. The Role of the Infection Preventionist in the ASC (1 hour)

9. Personal Protective Equipment (1 hour)

10. How Does the AORN Fit Into Your ASC? (1 hour)

11. Terminal Cleaning of the OR; Products & Techniques (1 hour)

12. Sterilization & Disinfection (1 hour)

13. Infection Prevention QAPI Program (1 hour)

And a Bonus DVD containing a special presentation by one of our conference sponsors, Contec Healthcare. Contect will present a special workshop demonstrating proper techniques in cleaning the operating room. (1 hour)

This 15th DVD will be an excellent training tool for your contracted cleaning company.

OFFER:  We are offering for a short period of time the opportunity for ordering this DVD set at a pre-production price of $750.00. This nets out to be $50.00 per DVD. On June 5, 2015, the price will go back to it's regular price of $896.00 which nets out at $59.73 per DVD

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