Coronavirus & Emerging Diseases- What You Should Know for Your ASC and Clinic

Cathy Montgomery, RN, CASC and Loie Ruhl Couch, BS, RN, CIC will teach you about the coronavirus covid-19, how to take precautions for yourself, patients and staff members and well as create an action plan for your facility. This presentation is filled with news, trends, alerts, definitions, important information on what the virus is and how protect against it and/or kill it.  73-minute viewing time and worth One Contact Hour of Infection Prevention continuing education.

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Coronavirus & Emerging Diseases- What You Should Know for Your ASC and Clinic

Speaker: Cathy Montgomery, RN, CASC - President, Excellentia Advisory Group

About Our Speaker: Cathy has over 25+ years in healthcare services management. As Regional Administrator for NovaMed, she oversaw operations of the physician practices as well as surgery centers and optical shops in the metro St. Louis / Illinois area.  Cathy is President and Founder of Excellentia Advisory Group, a consulting and development company serving both the surgical industry through ASCS as well as surgical hospitals and the outpatient industry through physician practices and ancillary centers. Cathy for the past several years has studied all the regulatory agencies that impact the ASC industry and has made herself an expert on the subject. Cathy is a frequently speaker at State ASC conferences to speak on regulatory compliance topics. Cathy also offers expertise in running the day-to-day operations of a surgery center and assists several privately-owned surgery centers across the country as their management company and/or sits on their Board. Her vision is to offer services that will be cost effective for her clients and fill those gaps that occur due to immediate needs. She has hired consultants that are knowledgeable and follow TJC, AAAASF and/or AAAHC standards. Cathy has her CASC certification.

Guest Speaker:

Loie Ruhl Couch, BS, RN, CIC - Loie has 30+ years in nursing and is a certified infection preventionist for one of the largest employers in St. Louis, Missouri - Barnes Jewish Hospital Health System.  Loie is the IP for the entire healthcare system including their ambulatory surgery centers.  Cathy sat down with Loie recently to have a brief chat about the coronavirus (covid-19) and how it may affect the surgery center industry. This video presentation will be incorporated into this webinar.

Format: View Upon Demand

Duration: 73 minutes

Who Should Attend:

  • ASC Administrators
  • ASC Clinical Directors
  • Infection Preventionists
  • Managers of Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement
  • Safety Officers
  • Team Leaders
  • Physician Owners and Leadership


The covid-19 novel coronavirus is picking up steam all around the world and yes it is now spreading in the United States. Just 30 days ago we had 7800 reported cases worldwide primarily restricted to the China area. As of this writing on March 7 we are looking at over 105,500 reported cases and climbing and 388 in the United States. As of this writing we have 14 US deaths due to covid-19.
Also you need to be aware that yesterday CMS sent out a memo stating that effective immediately all surveyors were to abandon routine surgery center surveys and to focus 100% on infection control surveys. CMS will be targeting all those facilities that in prior surveys had deficiencies in their infection control programs within the last 3 years. Beware that if this is you, you can expect high probability of an unannounced survey to ensure that your facility is safe considering the potential danger of covid-19 spreading.

It is extremely important that healthcare leadership in the United States taking this pandemic serious through educating healthcare staff on this virus and how to take precautions against allowing further spread into your facilities.
Bottom-line, I have prepared a one-hour webinar presentation to discuss all of this in an easy to understand and concise format to save you lots of time.
Why should you attend:
  • We will discuss the CDC precautionary steps for this or any emerging infectious disease at the surgery center and practice level.
  • How to manage it if the potential covid-19 infected patient shows up in your surgery center or clinic.
  • How to protect yourself, your staff and family.
  • Dispel the myths about this virus.
  • Discuss an important update to your Infection Prevention Policy & Procedure Manual.
  • Discuss an important update to your Hazard Vulnerability Analysis
  • Provide you with the latest CMS memo announcing Infection Control surveys. Since this just came out this will not be discuss on this pre-recorded presentation but stay tuned for our upcoming podcast. You do get the CMS memo though to read.


Price:  $139.00;  what is included in this price is unlimited views or viewing for 90-days including yourself and your facility staff.  *One Contact Hour of Infection Prevention continuing education and a Certificate of Participation for each staff member that participates.  Follow-up questions are allowed to Cathy Montgomery through email or phone.


Additional Handouts pertinent to this presentation:

  • CDC Covid19 Disinfectant Product List
  • CDC Protects Graphic
  • CMS memo 2/6/20 re Coronavirus
  • CMS Memo on Infection Control Surveys
  • CDC Healthcare Personnel Preparedness Checklist
  • Template of Policy & Procedure for an ASC
  • Updated Hazard Vulnerability Analysis: Human hazards, emerging infectious diseases
  • Updates to appendix Z (EOP rules) 2/1/19 highlighted in areas of “emerging infectious diseases.
  • Warning Poster


“This program is approved for up to 1.0 hours of IPCHs by BASC Provider #0707. The content areas in which IPCHs may be claimed for CASC or CAIP recertification is Infection Prevention Program Development". 

Contact Hour: This presentation will be worth 1.0 Contact Hour of continuing education. Upon request, you will receive a Certificate of Participation showing your Contact Hour.

Once you and any/all staff have reviewed this presentation, you will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion worth 1.0 Credit Hour of continuing education. You simply contact us at requesting your certificates, using the Certificate Request Form found in the link below. You will need to provide a typed list of all participants first and last names, position title (RN ,BSN, etc.), license numbers (if professionals) and date of completion.

* Excellentia Advisory Group LLC is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider CEP 15481: Issue Date: 4/6/2010;

 CLICK HERE for Certificate Request Form

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