Revenue Cycle Management

Our Services and Industry Focus

Our services are designed and offered in an ala cart fashion in order to tailor to your unique situation. Those clients we serve include ambulatory surgery centers, pain management centers, surgical hospitals, and physician practices. Our engagements include work for private settings, hospital structures, and corporate organizations. CLICK HERE for our company brochure


Revenue Cycle Management

In today's economy everyone is looking for additional revenue. Very often you need to look no further than your own "backyard". Excellentia will review your systems/processes. Improvements can often be made within your current process meaning additional revenue without an increase in caseload. A corrective action plan will be submitted and training and implementation done upon request. Sometimes a quarterly audit is found beneficial to clients with multiple partners as a way to verify process and accountability. We have recently implemented training and auditing programs for RAC as a proactive approach for Medicare providers. Whatever your specific area of concern may be, we can design a plan that will address your issues.

We are positioned to implement a complete billing and collection department for new centers. This would include policy and procedure design and integration as well as assist with fee schedule establishment. For existing centers our focus is generally on analysis and review. Attention is given to coding, chart audits and A/R analysis with a goal to discover uncollected revenue. We can offer a fresh perspective on the appeal process and proper communication with a payer for maximum reimbursement. In this day and age payers have increased their motivation to deny payments and you must be positioned and persistent to look for those opportunities for appeal.

Paid Stamp The health of your center is determined by a review of your financials. Specifically you should evaluate your A/R days but never lose sight of your write offs. The best A/R days are not an indicator of strong collections if this is obtained by writing off balances over a particular age. A complete investigation is warranted if cash in does not meet expectations to assure revenue cycle management is complete and accurate from beginning to end. An outside impartial analysis is the surest way to assess your billing and collections. Many centers do this annually as a matter of practice.