Operations Oversight

Our Services and Industry Focus

Our services are designed and offered in an ala cart fashion in order to tailor to your unique situation. Those clients we serve include ambulatory surgery centers, pain management centers, surgical hospitals, and physician practices. Our engagements include work for private settings, hospital structures, and corporate organizations. CLICK HERE for our company brochure


Operations Oversight

Healthcare Team Our operations assessment will help you to identify those specific areas that may be impacting the profitability or safety of your facility.

Some of the areas we cover while looking for best practice include:

  • Patient Flow - efficiency, wait times, total case time
  • Patient safety - pre-op care, post-op follow-up, site identification
  • Regulatory compliance to CMS and other regulatory agencies; conduct on-site mock survey
  • Infection Control - review of reports, equipment and instrument inspection; training of staff
  • HIPAA Standards - overall compliance audit
  • Anesthesia Service review - staffing, service, safety, billing
  • Medical record review - completeness, legibility, forms, match to billing
  • Inventory maintenance - supplies on hand, cost analysis
  • Pharmaceutical - stocked items, utilization, waste management
  • Facility appearance - safety, space utilization, maintenance

We perform this audit by way of onsite observation including a review of policy and procedures with a cross reference to performance. Interviews are scheduled with both physicians and staff. Additionally we institute a program for patient and physician satisfaction surveys and these findings are integrated into a plan of action. Often times the layout of the facility or complement of staff may hamper overall flow. Our consultants assist management to find workable solutions within the existing boundaries. We feel it is important to work within the setting available whenever possible.  CLICK HERE IF INTERESTED IN FREE ON-SITE READINESS CONSULTATION