Human Resource Management

Our Services and Industry Focus

Our services are designed and offered in an ala cart fashion in order to tailor to your unique situation. Those clients we serve include ambulatory surgery centers, pain management centers, surgical hospitals, and physician practices. Our engagements include work for private settings, hospital structures, and corporate organizations. CLICK HERE for our company brochure


Human Resource Management

We generally begin with an efficiency assessment to determine actual staffing needs. This is followed by an analysis of payroll and benefits to assess overall costs. We offer job description development, employee handbook design, and an evaluation to assure all employees are exempt or non-exempt to meet wage and hour guidelines. Design of compensation plans and incentive programs are also available to both staff level and partner level.

We can supply the HR forms and processes necessary to operate your facility within the legal parameters of your state as well as meet AAAHC or JCAHO standards. This would include but not limited to the following:

  • Application
  • Evaluation Form
  • Counseling Documents
  • COBRA Forms
  • State and Federal Tax and I-9
  • Time sheet or time clock process
  • Expense policy

Exit Interviews by a third party can often be a great source of information to managers as they try to improve turnover rates. We are positioned to do this on an ongoing basis per employee and report findings. Centers that have a high percentage of complaints or turnover should consider our annual confidential staff interview format that concludes with a report per department. These have been found to be very powerful especially when attached to management incentive plans.

We also manage recruitment plans for staff level and can direct retained searches for the Executive and Physician level when needed. Interim executive level (Administrator, Clinical Director, CFO) are available thru Excellentia. One of our newest programs is onsite training for new business office managers and administrators.