Finance Management

Our Services and Industry Focus

Our services are designed and offered in an ala cart fashion in order to tailor to your unique situation. Those clients we serve include ambulatory surgery centers, pain management centers, surgical hospitals, and physician practices. Our engagements include work for private settings, hospital structures, and corporate organizations. CLICK HERE for our company brochure


Finance Management

The finance management of your center evolves more efficiently with a good platform to start with. Policies and procedures to protect your investment are a starting point but can be added after the fact with a slight increase in integration time when necessary. If your fee schedule has already been established we suggest a review as it relates to your region.

Aside from the benefits through our revenue cycle management and managed care divisions, a review of inventory/supply cost including a cost per case analysis is often a good idea depending on the scope of practice. We can offer a benchmarking analysis so you can have real-time comparisons. Budgets may not be in place and can easily be formatted for long term use. This will enable you to see areas of strength and weakness.

Quarterly audits have become standard for many centers. This will enable you to make fast decisions involving staffing, inventory, payer mix etc. Turnaround strategies that can improve financial performance will be recommended in hopes for a positive year end. These difficult economic times have forced many to review payers more frequently that contract expiration. The ability to evaluate the return you are getting on your discounted rates based on the volume will be invaluable.

A review of your wage and salary program as well as employee benefit costs should be done by a third party to assure you have the most cost effective yet rewarding plan. Accounts payable can be set up or studied for accuracy. Advice and assistance can be provided for buy ins or buy outs with an analysis on long term practice effects.