Feasibility Services

Our Services and Industry Focus

Our services are designed and offered in an ala cart fashion in order to tailor to your unique situation. Those clients we serve include ambulatory surgery centers, pain management centers, surgical hospitals, and physician practices. Our engagements include work for private settings, hospital structures, and corporate organizations. CLICK HERE for our company brochure


Development Services

Feasability Services

Opening a new center/practice, adding on a service or a new partner are situations that require intensive analysis. Excellentia can do that analysis for you. We perform a complete market study that will include current conditions as they exist in your area/practice and forecast revenue for the given project based upon our findings. Excellentia will take into consideration such things as population, current patient census, available surgery or practice time, managed care climate and local competition just to name a few. Once revenue potential is established, costs are factored into a complete proforma. Evaluation of necessary CON status is of course provided and certificate of need forms completed when necessary.

Future predictions for an annual through 5 year plan would be completed. This complete evaluation would give you the necessary information to make an informed decision re the project undertaking.

Based upon Excellentias' findings we can establish a 6 month startup budget which includes all financial and operational parameters. It may be necessary to design several models based upon your optional situations. Once a specific model is chosen assistance is given to an annual budget. When needed, Excellentia acting as a third party is able to assist in the selection of a financial partner, management firm or physician (partner or staff).

Architectural Design and Construction

Healthcare Architect Once the decision has been made to construct or design your facility the clock starts to tick! Having a resource to manage the scope of your project that will encompass all factors is essential. This includes all aspects as it relates to financing, regulatory components, practicality, and legal structure. Excellentia can fill that gap for you. Our consultants have worked with the various regulatory departments and have the knowledge that will get you through to a successful opening.

Areas that will be covered include:

  • Site selection - access, price points, visibility, parking, safety, zoning
  • Time line development - planning, construction, opening
  • Lease/purchase negotiations - compare options to budget and long term plan
  • Architect Selection - medical experience for flow, appearance, state guidelines
  • Design - review for efficiency, cost containment, aesthetically appealing
  • Equipment - selection and procurement
  • Permits & Certifications - review and confirmation of throughout project

A constant review of this project by a multi-disciplinary team approach from Excellentia will result in an efficient facility at a reasonable cost. We know the value of a well-rounded team that includes clinicians, surveyors as well as designers and architects.

Acquisition Services

Handshake Our multi-discipline team of consultants is available to assist with acquisition services for your facility or practice. The due diligence process is utilized for both purchase as well as sale opportunities. To evaluate a centers true worth, a deeper view is required than a mere review of financial statements. The value in discovery of operational, management, finance or human resource issues can make the difference in a successful acquisition. Our direct experience gives us the knowledge to interrupt a full picture and gain an understanding of what is behind the numbers.

To the Buyer - The purchase of a practice or facility with limited value can be a costly mistake that will never right itself. Excellentia can act as an independent resource while you continue your day to day business. Our deep analysis will get you the information you need for decision making.

To the Seller - Excellentia can assist you in determining the worth of your practice or center. We can also provide you with the information needed to make corrective action to avoid a possible de-valuation.

For your due diligence we review areas such as:

  • Finance - Complete financial statement review, processes, managed care, asset valuation, caseload and types, specialties, business plans, competition
  • Operations - Current performance, clinical safety issues, outcomes, surveys, marketing strategy, pending malpractice
  • Human resources - Staffing, compliance issues, pending suits, employment agreements, non-competes, staff evaluations, salary analysis.
  • Management Structure - partnerships, buy-in buy -out's, effectiveness
  • Strategic planning and recommendations can be outlined upon completion of total due diligence.